Simply Made For You-Sewing, Jewlery & Gift Shop

 Simply Made for You came from a heart and a love to create, while helping others do the same. Our family, each with their own talents look forward to serving you.

      Lisa does alterations, sewing, quilts, quilt repair, clothing repair work, hemming, taking in and letting out and special occasion wear such as prom, wedding, uniforms, jackets and pants.  
Repairs on clothing, household items even camping gear are done here at the shop. You can bring it in your items for estimates and solutions!
She also sews patches on Veterans Uniforms and Shirts, Fire Department, Police Department for FREE to honor them and her father and mother.

                   Our prices are reasonable and we take pride in our work.
     Lisa also teaches sewing and crafting classes for all ages whether boy or girl, men or women they all enjoy her classes. She has the ability to teach to all the learning groups and styles. She is presently taking new students.
She also loves to quilt and would love to trade stories, ideas and resources.

Sewing Machine Problems & Repair
Having a problem with your tension, garbled nest of threads, skipped stitches? Need help on remembering how your machine functions?
Lisa will do tune-ups and small repairs on your sewing machines.

We have two Jewelry Designing lines:

                                         "One Only" by Rachael
                                         "Simplicity" by Alisha

    Both girls have a unique style and designs. Come in and work with our Artists to produce your own special jewelry. These services are at no extra charges.They can customizes colors, sizes and amount to be made.Weddings and special occasions work are welcomed! The girls can upcycle your old jewelry into new pieces. Minor Jewelry Repair is available.

    Our a sewing and gift shop is located at 118 W. Sycamore Street ( in the same building as the Chamber of Commerce) in downtown Willows.
Our work is displayed to sell in our onsite Gift Shop.

    Our gifted girls can help you with suggestions on your projects or work on one that you would like us to produce. Bring in your repairs and projects today!

    We would love for you come in and say hello, if you have a chance!